Datsit Sphère

Datsit Sphère was born out of the union of Datsit Studios and Sphère Média Plus, two production houses well known in the Quebec audio-visual sector for Datsit Sphère over three decades. Datsit Sphère is now a front-runner in creating, adapting and producing television content. Datsit Sphère Inc. employs around a hundred people in its offices in Montreal, which includes a team based in Toronto. Datsit Sphère Inc. is the biggest French-language producer in North America.

Our team
Bruno Dubé
President and Chief Executive Officer
Jocelyn Deschênes
Executive President
Claude Landry, CPA, CA
Executive Vice-President, Finance and Administration
Renée Mouchawar
Vice-president, Finance and Production
Catherine Brunet, CPA auditrice, CA
Director of Finance and Administration, human ressources policies
Mélanie D'Astous
Senior Director, Business Affairs and Financing
Véronique Gaudette
Legal Advisor and Corporate Secretary