We create and produce televisual projects for the following genres; youth programming, public and current affairs, and crime. Our documentaries, public service shows, game shows, magazines, reality shows, and fictional productions, are known for their innovative form which helps them to be understood and loved by the viewer. Created in close partnership with our numerous distributors/clients and filled with solid content, our productions are as diverse as they are human in nature. They provoke serious discussions and debate.

DATSIT has an open, professional, and respectful ambiance which provides a work environment that is beneficial to the creative process for authors who submit their projects, helpful for the directors to contribute with their talent and creativity, and welcoming to the multi-talented artists and craftsmen who go far beyond the norm in our productions. Our productions leave no one indifferent.

Our team
Bruno Dubé
President and Chief Executive Officer
Robert Montour
Vice-President of development and Executive Producer, General television
Ivan Lamontagne
Vice President of Production, Documentary
Sylvie Tremblay
Vice-President of Production
Marie-Hélène Tremblay
Vice-President of Production and Operations
Renaud Chassé
Creative Director and Content Producer
Corine Trudel
Line Producer
Michel Johnson
Head of Development, Documentary
Catherine Delorme
Writer - Development and Content
Pascale Dubé
Director of Postproduction Services