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WaZabi Films is a versatile, full-service sales agent that licenses theatrical feature lms to distributors worldwide. They represent some of the world’s best producers and directors with a focus on strong independent lms with crossover potential, and art house lms with award pedigree from Québec, Canada and around the globe. Along with a continually evolving slate of newly acquired lms they exclusively represent the active Seville International catalogue. The WaZabi Films team has a wealth of experience recognized by foreign distributors worldwide.

WaZabi Films is an independent division of DATSIT Sphere a well-known and respected production company working in Quebec’s audiovisual sector for over 35 years. DATSIT Sphere is a leader in the creation, adaptation and production of television and lm content.

Why WaZabi?

Co-Presidents Anick Poirier and Lorne Price not only share a passion for great lms, they are also both madly in love with their pets. Anick’s cat Wasabi along with Lorne’s dog Ziggy inspired the company name WaZabi Films.

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