Les Honorables



The tragic death of Gabrielle Dessureaux plunges her family into a living hell. Each member of the family will react differently to the acquittal of the man everyone believes to be her killer. For Gabrielle’s father Ludovic (who, like Gabrielle’s mother, is a judge), the experience will turn into a nightmare as he begins to feel abandoned by the judicial system in which he’s always believed. Les Honorables is above all the story of a family torn apart. Family members struggle to put the broken pieces back together, to face their demons and to find new meaning in their lives, with or without the aid of what society calls justice.

Technical Specifications Sheet

  • Format

    10 x 60 min

  • Production years


  • Broadcaster

    Club illico, TVA

  • Created and written by
    Jacques Diamant
    Directed by
    Louis Choquette
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